LMA Education


The Education Program will include building an educational institution that enhances access to quality Islamic education. It will aim to provide a link between secular studies alongside cultural and religious knowledge, helping to preserve Muslim identity within Western Society whilst simultaneously promoting cohesive social responsibilities and interracial tolerance.

Arabic Studies


The LMA languages program was founded in 1987 and continues to serve the community through teaching Arabic at more than 15 NSW schools after-hours and on weekends.

Students receive tuition based upon current Syllabus and textbooks, approved by the Department of Education and Training.

All teachers employed by the LMA comply with the conditions of a Community Language Teaching Professional and have attended one of the courses run by the Department of Education and Training.

LMA Quran College & Shariah School

Designed to provide the community with access to a knowledge base founded in Islamic subjects and practises to add depth and comprehension to those seeking to increase their understanding of the faith.

The school currently has three levels of student enrolment for various age groups.


Islamic Studies

Students learn basic Islamic creed including morals and manners, an introduction to the five pillars of faith, with the teachings and life of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

Quran Memorisation

The aim of this program is memorise one chapter every term, 4 in total per year directly from a Sheikh or a qualified Quran teacher.

Advanced Quran Program

Students memorise the whole Quran, at 1.5 hours per week where applicants must have a solid knowledge of the Quranic Recitation.


Please call 0297506833 or email for enrollment details.