Funeral Services

“To Allah we belong and to Him is our return”


The hardest thing you will ever have to do is to say goodbye to someone you love and care for. However, as Muslims we should accept this ultimate fate and submit to the wish of our Creator, with patience by praying for mercy and forgiveness of the deceased.


The LMA recommends:

To prevent an autopsy from occurring we strongly recommend that you and your doctor meet once or twice every three months for a medical check-up. When death occurs, inform the police, ambulance and/or hospital staff of your local doctor and ask to place the deceased on hold until your doctor arrives to issue a Medical Death Certificate.


Once the above steps are completed contact: (02) 9759 5949 or 0411 522 739 and the funeral parlour will make arrangements for the deceased.

The LMA provides all necessary services pertaining to death and burial and provides complete Islamic funeral arrangements including:


•  Transport, washing, and shrouding of the deceased prior to Funeral Prayer.

•  Providing a casket, death certificate, and burial plot purchase at appropriate cemeteries.

•  Transportation to and burial at cemetery.


Note: Women are only cared for by female staff members. All preparations are done under strict Islamic guidelines.




The Funeral Prayer can be performed in Lakemba Mosque. All are welcome in the mosque for funeral services under proper dress code.


NOTE: Please be advised those funerals services operated by the LMA are not associated with Islamic Cemetery Trust. The Islamic Cemetery Trust is an independent entity with it’s own fee schedule.

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