Ask A Sheikh


The LMA employs various scholars to provide the community with the necessary faith based guidance pertaining to all aspects of life.

Sheikh Yahya Safi, is the current Imam of the Lakemba Mosque. He was awarded a degree in Islamic Jurisprudence in 1992 and is now preparing for a PhD in Islamic Studies.




The LMA regularly hosts renowned imams from around the globe to add a greater depth of knowledge and perspective to community cohesion.

For additional written resources, the LMA has a bookstore located below Lakemba Mosque, with a general selection of Islamic books and products including Qurans, lecture CDs, DVDs, small gifts, and books in various languages. Feel free to visit our bookstore during office hours.



Disclaimer: The statements, interpretations, comments, or opinions expressed by writers/speakers found in the material of our bookstore resources (Books, Audios, DVDs) are those of their respective authors, who are solely responsible for them, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Lebanese Muslim Association.