National Mosque Open Day


We are thrilled to announce that NMOD 2017 will be on Saturday, October 28. We look forward to seeing you all at one of our participating mosques.

New South Wales

Lakemba Mosque

65-67 Wangee Rd, Lakemba

Cabramatta Mosque
22 Water Street, Cabramatta West

Young Mosque
3524 Moppity Road, Young

Quakers Hill Mosque
37 Douglas Rd, Quakers Hill

Sultan Fatih Mosque
3-5 Victoria St, Mayfield, Newcastle


Rockhampton Mosque
132 Kent St, Rockhampton

Cairns Mosque
31 Dunn St, Cairns

Garden City Mosque
217-221 West St, Harristown



Hobart Mosque
166 Warwick St, West Hobart

South Australia

Al Khalil Mosque
596 Torrens Rd, Woodville North, Adelaide 

Western Australia

Perth Mosque
427 William St, Perth 


National Mosque Open Day is an annual Australia-wide event organised by the Lebanese Muslim Association and proudly supported by the Department of Social Services. The event features a number of mosques across the nation simultaneously opening their doors to the public and inviting them to come in and explore their local mosque.

In 2016, National Mosque Open Day will be the largest yet, featuring even more participating mosques across the nation, in capital cities as well as in regional towns, giving more Australians than ever the chance to visit and be welcomed into their local mosques.

While mosques are open all year round, many non-Muslim Australians are unaware of this fact and do not take the opportunity to meet local Muslims and find answers to their questions about Islam. On National Mosque Open Day, each participating mosque will present a unique experience and flavour, representing the particular multicultural make-up of its congregation. Some mosques will have BBQs, sweets and food, others activities for children and others again will host special exhibitions. Many mosques will combine all of these elements. Common to all mosques, however, will be an open and welcoming attitude and the opportunity to ask questions of religious elders and seek answers to questions.


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