Vision & Mission



An Australian Muslim community that has a positive and sustainable contribution globally.



To innovate and build resilient inclusive communities to help Australian Muslims achieve their full potential.

To develop leadership to strengthen the Australian Muslim community.

To serve and engage Muslims by promoting and advocating social harmony in a multicultural environment.

To enhance understanding of Islam, empower Australian Muslims and build a better future for the Australian Muslim community.



Assist the growth of strong, sustainable, articulate, and effective Muslim communities within Australia.

Promote community independence though the enhancement of the infrastructure and network of the Australian Muslim community.

Work to advance the Australian Muslim communities contribution to the economical, intellectual and social fabric of the Australian community.

Provide structures to support and help disadvantaged members of the Australian Muslim community who face ongoing problems.

Work towards strengthening families, empowering women, encouraging youth, engendering a vibrant community, cultivating leadership and fostering respect for all.

Work at a national level to promote and protect the interests of Australian Muslims.

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