ECG Youth & Leadership

The Lebanese Muslim Association identified a number of significant problems facing the local Muslim community and specific gaps in services or programs that might assist in addressing such problems. A proposal was subsequently developed for a program, referred to as the Engage, Challenge, Grow Program (ECG), which focused on building resilience, addressing social exclusion and providing support to the Muslim community within Sydney.

The Engage, Challenge, Grow program initially consisted of 12 projects although some of the projects were later expanded to include additional events and seminars.



The Engage stream of the ECG program was aimed at youth leadership and personal development. It aimed to encourage young people to become involved in all aspects of their local community and create a sense of belonging through helping communities work towards a spirit of inclusiveness and shared identity.

It also aimed to provide opportunities for people to participate equitably in Australian society and to understand the rights and responsibilities that are shared by all members of that society.


Sydney Muslim Film Festival

The Lebanese Muslim Association proudly presents a diverse new film festival to celebrate and showcase the incredible within our community. Applications are NOW OPEN

Youth Think Tank, THINK AGAIN



The LMA launched a Youth Think Tank to develop a strong, coherent forum for the youth of the Muslim community. The group will launch an innovative, interactive website, and initiatives to engage the community, government, and religious scholars. The program will empower young Muslims to identify and address the core issues and challenges facing their generation today…

Aspire Role Models, ARM



The ARM program aims to improve the self-esteem and aspirations of Muslim students, to foster positive attitudes towards citizenship and work towards greater social cohesion.Through an interactive presentation, based on their own story, the applicants describe how they overcame the odds to achieve the success in their daily life today…

Leadership Program



This program will equip young leaders with the tools and skills needed to portray Islam and Muslims in Australia in a positive light. Participants are given placement in the Positive Intellect Programme. Members of the Leadership program edit the online magazine, Youthink. The latest edition can be downloaded here, and subsequent editions will be uploaded to its very own website. Details to come soon!…

Positive Intellect Program, PIP



Youth will develop skills, knowledge and confidence required to positively impact others. The project will build the theological fundamentals that counter ideological readings and dispel misconceptions to develop participants as citizens, leaders and constructive role models…

Sydney Muslim Conference, SMC

SMC 2015


The SMC conference celebrates the ethnic diversity of our communities and facilites a space to enhance and promote social cohesion. This one-day conference brings together a wide range of speakers on a variety of topics, addressing the needs of an increasingly multicultural Muslim Community…



The Challenge stream of the ECG program focused on community building, healing, harmony and strengthening community cohesion. It aimed to promote the importance of Australians respecting each other, regardless of cultural, racial or religious differences, through education, public events and information sharing.

Family CommUNITY



The Muslim Families Network will provide a platform for parents about the challenges, opportunities and realities of raising a Muslim family in Australia. Marginalised and isolated families will be involved in the decision-making process, where training and information sessions will be delivered by professionals and community leaders…


National Mosque Open Day, NMOD


National Mosque Open Day welcomes the wider community to visit local mosques throughout Australia to hear narratives about local Islamic history, congregation, and beliefs. The annual event will progressively include more mosques across the nation, providing an opportunity for the attendees to be immersed in the Islamic faith, ask questions, and connect with local Australian Muslims…

Australian Muslim Women Film, My Name is Faten



The Australian Muslim Women Film aimed to promote an accurate narrative depiction of Muslim women in Australia. It promoted the creative expressions of Muslims to assist with dispelling the notion that Islam and Muslim culture lacks commonality with Australian values…



Harmony Week



Harmony Week consisted of a theatre production that fostered dialogue within an interactive theatrical performance, an entertainment evening highlighting local and diverse talent, and a Harmony Day Festival which included a variety of stalls, food, rides and activities for children…


Inter School Poetry Slam, StandTall, Speak Out! 



The Inter School Poetry Slam involved five local high schools within the Bankstown/Canterbury area. Each high school was assigned an experienced poet who ran workshops…


The Grow Stream of the ECG program focused on providing training and outreach to the wider community. The projects under this stream aimed to develop community capacity building skills for specific community groups considered to be continuously under significant pressure due to their religious or racial diversity, and to provide targeted education as a means to breakdown misconceptions and misunderstandings.


Community Up Skill Initiative, CUSI



The two-part project will address the unique issues young Muslim experience and was developed after identifying a lack of trained Muslim Youth Workers. The first phase involves recruiting 10 people from the Muslim community who will receive a scholarship to complete a Certificate IV in Youth Work.  Phase two will focus on delivering cultural and religious awareness training to service providers…

Community Awareness and Religious Education, CARE

Care logo


The Community Awareness and Religious Education program consisted of a one-day intensive workshop led by specialists in the field of social policy, religion, law and community engagement…

Together, We Are Strong, TWAS



TWAS is a training package for religious workers and leaders within the Muslim community. This will include counseling methods targeted at couples, sexual concerns, dispute resolution, domestic violence intervention, and relationship education…

Toolkit 4 Change


The program will develop business plans, through consultation, for grass roots organisations to streamline operations and management to achieve transparency, and long-term sustainable growth. These plans will be compiled and catalogued into an online resource for future public use by emerging and restructuring organisations…